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Oregon Must Be Stopped February 24, 2011

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Listen, I’m all for taking risks in design. Hell, I watch Project Runway for chrissakes.

That being said, the University of Oregon must remove itself from the Nike teat, like, now.

First, there is there ridiculous football uniforms that change weekly and involve any number of obnoxious colors and textures. They also feature the ridiculous feathers on the shoulder pads and a horrendous font for the number. This is what they wore for the BCS title game.

Last week, I was flipping channels and came across a ducks basketball game. Take a look at what they’ve done to their floor. Seriously. Like the author of that post, I too couldn’t figure out what the design was at first. And then, there was just so much crap all over it, that I spent more time trying to see what was on the floor than watching the actual game (perhaps their point). Honestly, this floor is ridiculously like a “text” — there is so much to read and interpret. It’s not what a floor should be. I mean, you can be creative (though Boise State also needs to stop it). I actually hate it when the NCAA makes all the floors be the same during the tournament. But please don’t go all crazy. I love what this guy did — is this what we’re facing now? Penn having rowhomes on the court? Wazzu having blocks of cheese? Ugh.


Union of the Snake May 12, 2009

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You may not know this, but I played soccer for ten years of my life and quite enjoyed it. I even played at the Kingdome before a Sounders game. That being said, I haven’t been that interested in MLS or such things, but that might change because the owners of the new Philly team to debut in 2010 knocked it out of the park, to mix imagery.

The new team name? Philadelphia Union. The logo? Fantastic, and they even provide a narrative in case you don’t get it.


My favorite part? The motto: Jungite aut Perite — Join or Die.

Which is the best motto ever.

Will I get season tickets? No. Do I promise to go to a game? Definitely. +, it’s right next to a casino. Bonus!


Slam Dunk July 4, 2008

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Bad title, but I was not inspired.

The Sonics have left the building, as I thought would likely happen, though the city retains the name, the colors, and the banners, along with some shreds of self-respect and a nice chunk of change. David Stern throws out the little tease of “we’d love to have Seattle have another team, so long as they do what they didn’t want to do,” namely build a basketball palace on the backs of taxpayers.

I don’t have much more to say — other than what Isaac at ALOTT5MA has to say, which is as brilliant a rant as I’ve read in a while. I have no qualms in saying that I hope the OKC Cowpokes suck, and suck a lot.


Leap Thoughts February 29, 2008

Filed under: Entertainment,Politics,Soapbox,Sports,The Gays — Greg @ 5:21 pm

OK, not really, just a smattering of items from blogs today. 

  •  This post over at SA is a delightful segue into a story I’ve been following all day about a White House staffer plagiarizing in a newspaper (this post started it all). A lot. What is interesting to me in the academic hand-wringing about Google and the Internet and their effects on increased plagiarism is that the hand-wringers and students don’t understand that just as easy as it is for people to steal material for their own purposes, it’s just as easy for me and others to find the original texts (today’s story is an example of this — people finding many more stories than the original example where this doofus plagiarized through Google — as well as the growing trend of citizen journalism aided by the Internet, typified by the recent Polk award given to Talking Points Memo). I’d bet that while plagiarism has increased, so too have findings of plagiarism have as well — and I wonder whether the latter has outpaced the former. [Update: he’s done; boy, things happen fast these days]
  • I have only been slightly following the two recent deaths of gay teens — one, 15yo who apparently asked a peer to be his valentine, who later shot him, and another who was beaten to death while in drag. The latter has been big news in Ft. Lauderdale, because of the gay-bashing that has gone on there in the past; the former has been touched on by Hillary, Barack, Anderson, and Ellen. Ellen said it well: as many strides as have been made in the past decade, gay people are still a long way from being treated as humans, let alone equally.
  • On a lighter note, ALOTT5MA has a great post on an issue, again, that I’ve only been periodically following: the inevitable theft of the Sonics from Seattle. First, I think it’s admirable that the city is deciding to say, um, no to millionaires who want cities to fund their stadiums. OK, sure, that was after doing so for the Mariners and Seahawks, but at least they’re drawing a line; other cities (ahem) have still not got the message, even though everyone says they don’t pay off (including a Villanova professor who spoke at Ursinus last summer because I invited him:)). While I don’t have the passion for the Sonics like I do for the M’s, or even the random interest like I do the Seahawks, I do have fond memories of the Supes: I remember the excitement of the championship (Seattle’s only in any pro sport), I remember the heyday of Payton/Kemp, and I have a lingering fondness for Nate McMillan and the continually stoned Sam Perkins. I have always thought Seattle had something of an odd relationship with the Sonics, I think in no small part because of our own hang-ups with race, but it’s been a cornerstone of the sports scene for as long as Seattle has been a real city. There’s something to be said for that, and it will be too bad when the Sonics leave. Plus, they have had some fun logos, especially that first one.