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Oregon Must Be Stopped February 24, 2011

Filed under: Sports — Greg @ 11:37 pm

Listen, I’m all for taking risks in design. Hell, I watch Project Runway for chrissakes.

That being said, the University of Oregon must remove itself from the Nike teat, like, now.

First, there is there ridiculous football uniforms that change weekly and involve any number of obnoxious colors and textures. They also feature the ridiculous feathers on the shoulder pads and a horrendous font for the number. This is what they wore for the BCS title game.

Last week, I was flipping channels and came across a ducks basketball game. Take a look at what they’ve done to their floor. Seriously. Like the author of that post, I too couldn’t figure out what the design was at first. And then, there was just so much crap all over it, that I spent more time trying to see what was on the floor than watching the actual game (perhaps their point). Honestly, this floor is ridiculously like a “text” — there is so much to read and interpret. It’s not what a floor should be. I mean, you can be creative (though Boise State also needs to stop it). I actually hate it when the NCAA makes all the floors be the same during the tournament. But please don’t go all crazy. I love what this guy did — is this what we’re facing now? Penn having rowhomes on the court? Wazzu having blocks of cheese? Ugh.


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